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Zhejiang Sanwei Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, a port city with beautiful scenery and developed transportation. It is a specialized cold and warm equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Its main products include industrial water cooler, profile oxidation water cooler, hard oxidation water cooler, electroplating water cooler, plastic mechanical water cooler, leather embossing water cooler, shock. Light-cooled water machine, solar photovoltaic water cooler, textile chemical fiber water cooler, printing and dyeing water cooler, industrial oil cooler, food-grade water cooler, low temperature ethylene glycol (brine) unit, chemical reactor cryogenic unit, water (ground) source heat pump unit, air-energy heat pump unit, constant temperature swimming pool unit, constant temperature aquaculture unit, electroplating special high temperature heat pump unit, high temperature heat pump dryer Group B, wood drying units, bamboo products drying units, agricultural products drying units, industrial drying units, anti-corrosion acid-alkali water chillers, special explosion-proof water chillers, refrigeration depots, fresh-keeping depots, quick-freezing refrigeration depots, constant temperature refrigeration depots, widely used in industrial and agricultural production in a variety of industries.

1. Surface treatment industry: mainly used for profile oxidation, hard oxidation, electrophoretic coating, zinc plating, tin plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, acid copper plating, vacuum plating, ion plating, glass plating, etc. In the industries of oxidation, electroplating and electrophoresis, the bath produces heat in different sections under high frequency reaction, which gradually increases the bath temperature. When the bath temperature is higher than the requirement of the process, the firmness, uniformity, smoothness and surface finish of the product’s surface coating are greatly affected. The water cooler can help metal and non-metal ions stabilize, make metal ions quickly attach to the surface of the plated parts, increase the density and smoothness of the plated parts, shorten the plating cycle, improve the quality, reduce the loss of plating raw materials, and effectively recover all kinds of expensive chemicals, cool and maintain the constant temperature of the plating solution, which will greatly improve the production process and production efficiency.

2. Plastic and plastic industries: including injection, extrusion, bottle blowing, compression, film blowing, shower film, calendering film, casting film, opening, leather embossing, etc. The application of water cooler in the cooling of plastic processing machine forming die can greatly improve the surface smoothness of plastic products, reduce the surface markings and internal stress of plastic products, make the products not shrink and deform, and facilitate the injection of plastic pellets from plastic products into the mould after heating and melting. After condensation, the plastic workpiece is ejected from the open mould. In the continuous production process, the mould needs to be carried out. Cooling, in order to shorten the plastic setting time, improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, forming quality, surface quality. If plastic containers, bottles and packaging films are not cooled and shaped in time during production, the containers produced will not be full, uneven wall thickness, unclear color or even can not be shaped, resulting in lower product quality. The use of water chillers can not only greatly improve product quality but also improve production efficiency. The shell-and-tube evaporator of the water cooler used in extrusion wire rod and granulation industry is a closed loop without overflow. The cooling capacity of chiller is related to the injection quantity of injection moulding machine. The larger the injection quantity, the larger the refrigeration capacity required.

3. Machinery manufacturing industry: used in CNC machine tools, coordinate boring machines, machining centers/modular machine tools and various precision machine tools, grinders, milling machines, drilling machines, polishing, grinding, casting, die casting, high frequency welding, laser welding, electronic chips, circuit board manufacturing, ultrasonic cleaning, printing and dyeing printing, ink production, paper making, glass processing, composite floor, concrete mixing, etc. This is the case.

4. Textile and chemical fiber industry: The main technological links of application are raw material slicing, drying, yellowing machine, mixer, dissolving machine and air static adjustment.

5. Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food Industry: Reactor Cryogenic Unit, Food-grade Water Chiller, Air Purification and Regulation Unit. The reactor cryogenic unit is used to maintain the low temperature conditions required for the chemical reaction in the reactor. It is used for rapid cooling of raw materials, preventing material deterioration, low temperature crystallization, low temperature extraction, low temperature synthesis. The temperature range can be adjusted from 30 degrees to 110 degrees below zero, and the refrigeration range is 10-1000KW.

Food-grade chiller: After food is processed at high temperature, in order to pack quickly, it is necessary to make the temperature of food meet the packaging requirements. Industrial chillers are used to quickly cool the processed food to meet the requirements. In addition, in the process of food fermentation, different temperatures are also needed to stabilize the need for fermentation, so in order to ensure the quality of fermentation products, it is necessary to accurately control the temperature by water coolers.

Air purification and regulation unit: In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, dust-free workshop and other occasions, the temperature, humidity and cleanliness requirements of the use environment are controlled within a certain range. The surface cooler of water chiller is designed and integrated with air purification device. It can control the temperature of large area environment and realize the purification, dust removal, disinfection and sterilization of large area environment. Generally, centralized air supply is adopted. It has the function of constant temperature and humidity and is more convenient and practical than common central air conditioning.

6. Solar photovoltaic industry: In the production of solar photovoltaic products, the necessary equipment for cooling water chillers are vacuum pump, wool making, PECVD, diffusion, etching, screen printing, polycrystalline furnace, single crystal furnace, polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, square cutter, slicer, ingot furnace and so on. Particle size in water quality is not easy to exceed 10 microns, water supply temperature range is 15-20 degrees, temperature difference between inlet and outlet water is less than 5 degrees, the best pipe material is stainless steel or PVC, PPR material. The chiller can control the temperature required by the process in a constant range, improve the production efficiency and product quality, and prolong the service life of the equipment. A production line with an annual production capacity of 50 MW requires about 15 tons of cooling water per hour for supporting equipment.

7. Industrial oil coolers: Industrial oil coolers are mainly applicable to all kinds of equipment and devices that need to reduce and maintain the temperature of lubricating oil or hydraulic oil, such as precision machine tools, numerical control machine tools, coordinate boring machines, grinders, machining centers, modular machine tools, hydrostatic bearings, high-speed spindles, motorized spindles and the cooling of transmission media of spindle lubrication and hydraulic system of various precision machine tools, which can accurately control the equipment. The required temperature can prevent the thermal deformation of the machine tool and the center deviation of the spindle, stabilize the oil pressure, prevent oil oxidation, evaporation, maintain the viscosity of lubricating oil and improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality, and prolonging the service life of the equipment and tools.

8. Marine refrigeration unit: Marine refrigeration unit is a special equipment for marine air conditioning system and marine refrigeration, refrigeration, low-temperature seawater storage and other occasions. It has the characteristics of novel design, convenient operation, stable operation, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in various types of passenger ships, fishing vessels, cargo ships, naval vessels and offshore oil platforms.

The refrigeration unit can be designed according to the actual requirements of users, and the detailed technical scheme can be provided. The temperature range is – 20 – 10 C and the refrigeration capacity is 10 kW – 1000 kw.

9. Low-temperature ethylene glycol and brine units: Low-temperature water chiller is a special refrigeration equipment which provides low-temperature refrigerant. It is suitable for various occasions with medium and low-temperature cold source requirements. It is widely used as a process cold source for non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry and pharmaceutical intermediates, petrochemical industry, grain and oil, beverage and food, machinery, medicine, electronics, air separation and other production and processing.

Cryogenic water chiller is a new generation of cryogenic equipment specially designed for special industry requirements. Its temperature range can be adjusted from 30 degrees to 60 degrees below zero. The refrigeration range is 10 – 1000KW. The cryogenic chillers are divided into three series of water supply units with high, medium and low temperature according to the cooling range.

1. Standard chiller: It can provide 3-35 ~C chilled water, or use ethylene glycol solution as refrigerant. It can provide -5-5 ~5 ~C process chilled water solution. It can be used as the process cold source for ice storage, low temperature air supply, central air conditioning and other production processes. At the same time, according to the user’s requirements, the unit can be specially designed to provide screw chillers with large temperature difference.

2. Medium temperature chiller: the outlet water temperature is – 5 ~45 C, using imported semi-closed screw compressor unit (with economizer); low temperature ethylene glycol solution or saline solution can be provided from – 5 ~45%. It can be used as a cold source for chemical industry, medicine, cold storage, ice rink and other processes.

3. Cryogenic screw chiller: The effluent temperature is – 45 ~110 C, which can provide – 45 ~110 ~alcohol or dichloromethane solution frozen water. Using binary cascade refrigeration system or ternary cascade refrigeration system, the operation is stable and the energy efficiency ratio is high.

10. Ground Water Source Heat Pump: Ground Water Source Heat Pump can be widely used in hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, villas, residential districts, central heating and refrigeration, as well as other commercial and industrial building air conditioning, and can be used in swimming pools, bathing centers, beer brewing, cold rolling and forging, cold storage and indoor planting and constant temperature breeding industries. A multi-purpose machine can provide cooling, heating and domestic hot water by using a set of equipment. For air-conditioning system, a heat pump provides two kinds of heat sources, which can save one-time investment. Its total investment is only 60% of the traditional air-conditioning system. It is easy to install, less installation workload than other air-conditioning systems, shorter installation period and easier to change installation. Compared with conventional air conditioning technology, water source heat pump has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency and energy saving

Ground water source heat pump (GSHP) is the most energy efficiency ratio (COP) refrigeration and heating mode in air conditioning system at present. The theoretical calculation can reach 7, and the actual operation is 4-6. Water-source heat pump consumes 1 kW.h of power, and users can get 4.3-5.0 kW.h of heat or 5.4-6.2 kW.h of cooling. Compared with air source heat pump, its operation efficiency is 20-60% higher, and its operation cost is only 40-60% of that of common central air conditioning.

2. Renewable Energy Utilization Technology

Ground Water Source Heat Pump (GSHP) is a heating and air-conditioning system that uses solar energy resources stored in the earth’s water body as a cold and heat source for energy conversion. The available water bodies include groundwater or rivers, part of the surface rivers, lakes and oceans. Surface water is used as cold and heat source, which emits heat or absorbs heat, does not consume water resources, and does not cause pollution to it. Boiler room and auxiliary coal yard, oil storage room, cooling tower and other facilities are omitted. The area of machine room is much smaller than that of conventional air conditioning system, saving building space, and conducive to the beauty of the building. This makes it possible to utilize nearly unlimited solar energy or land stored in it. Therefore, the water source heat pump is a clean and renewable energy technology, with significant environmental benefits.

3. Stable and reliable operation and convenient maintenance

The temperature of water body is relatively stable throughout the year, its fluctuation range is far less than that of air, and the temperature of water body is relatively constant, which makes the heat pump unit run more reliable and stable, and also ensures the efficiency and economy of the system. It adopts full computer control and has a high degree of automation. Because the system is simple, the unit components are few and the operation is stable, the maintenance cost is low and the service life is long.

11. Refrigerators: Containing refrigerators, refrigerators, quick-frozen refrigerators and constant-temperature refrigerators, they are widely used in biology, industry, military industry, food, aquatic products, flowers, animal husbandry and medicine, logistics, hotels, restaurants, food processing and other industries.

12. High temperature drying heat pump is mainly used in wood drying, tobacco drying, bamboo products drying, tea drying, medicinal materials drying, fruit and vegetable drying, cured drying, mushroom drying, sludge drying, industrial drying, agricultural products drying and other occasions.

13. Air Energy Heat Pump

With its unique advantages and good economic benefits, air-energy water heaters are widely used in domestic hot water fields such as family, villas, institutions, schools, hotels, residential district heating, etc. Special heat pumps designed for special occasions are widely used in constant temperature swimming pools, aquaculture, food factories, slaughterhouses, textile printing and dyeing factories and plating factories. Water and other industrial hot water fields.

14. Seafood and aquaculture

The traditional heating equipment of aquaculture industry in winter mainly uses boiler, coal, oil and electric heating. These heating equipment have many shortcomings, such as high energy consumption, prolonged breeding cycle, difficult to accurately control water temperature, affecting the benefits of aquaculture, discharging harmful gases and polluting the environment, and need special manual management.

A new generation of cold and warm constant temperature aquaculture unit is developed and manufactured based on the principle of air energy. It adopts flexible scroll compressor, special titanium alloy corrosion resistant heat exchanger, high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, and automatic control of microcomputers. The water temperature can be adjusted between 8 and 30 degrees according to the need. The water temperature can be accurately controlled within the positive and negative 1.5 degrees without the need of dedicated management and labor saving. Compared with heating methods such as boiler, coal, oil and electric heating, constant temperature culture is not only more conducive to the growth of aquaculture, but also can save more than 50% of the annual cost. The project is simple to install, efficient and energy-saving, safe and environmental protection, easy to control without dedicated operation, time-saving and worry-saving.